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Professional accounting services in Indonesia.

Manage your accounts effortlessly with the help of Acclime’s reliable accounting services. By engaging with our services, you can be sure that your books and records are kept up to date and following the latest local accounting regulations.

Accounting services in Indonesia

Smart accounting services that scale with your needs.

Flexible options

We have a variety of service options that you can choose from whether you want monthly or quarterly services, or just a year-end report. Choose the option that is most suitable for your business and pay just for what you use.

Timely reminders

With our services, there is no need to worry about deadlines. Our accountants will always keep you in loop and remind you of any approaching deadlines.

Integrated compliance

Our complete suite of corporate services can relieve you from the hassles of having to deal with multiple parties to ensure corporate compliance in different areas, such as business, tax and more.

Essential accounting services

Bookkeeping & statutory compliance.

  • Bookkeeping & transaction processing

    • Bookkeeping in your office
    • First, we will set up your books and all of the ledgers required for your business in Xero
    • We then will help you with entering transactions, such as approved claim forms, approved payment vouchers, bank credit advice, bank debit advice, bank-in slips, bank statements and other accounting source documents of your company

    Monthly, quarterly or annually

    Financial reporting / Management accounts
    • Preparation and submission of the monthly accounts – Trial balance, income statement, balance sheet and notes to the financial statements, i.e. bank reconciliation, fixed assets depreciation schedule, amortisation of prepayments, ageing receivables and payables – to your local office and the headquarters for approval
    • We also prepare bank signatories, if needed

    Monthly or annually

  • Year-end financial statement*

    We will prepare the year-end financial statement based on the monthly/quarterly accounts that we have prepared, or we can use your existing financial records to produce the annual accounts. We can also recommend an appropriate auditing firm for your business.

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    Year-end financial statement.

    The financial statement includes:

    • Statement of financial position (balance sheet)
    • Statement of profit loss and other comprehensive income
    • Statement of changes in equity
    • Statement of cash flow
    • Notes to the financial statement

    The accounts will be prepared under the Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards. Since 2011, the Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards Board has converged its accounting standards with that of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), issued by the IFRS Foundation and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The accounts need to be prepared in Indonesian language and Rupiah unless permission has been obtained from the tax authorities to prepare the accounts in US$ (the only other permitted currency).

    We will suggest a suitable auditing form when your accounts need to be audited. We have great relations with both local and international audit firms which we will assure that the auditing process is completed professionally. To not interrupt your work, we work together with the auditing firm to answer their enquiries, provide schedules and supporting documents.

    The year-end financial statements must then be presented to the AGM of the company, along with a report of the company’s business for the year and details of the remuneration of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners. The AGM can be held by electronic means – teleconference or video conference. There is no requirement to lodge the annual financial statements of the company with the Companies Registry.

    The financial statements are also used as a basis for preparing the annual tax return of the company.


*Government requirement

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Additional accounting services.

Vendor payment support

If needed, we can manages your funds which includes obtaining approval from client’s personnel, payment processing based on an agreed payment schedule and receiving and reviewing incoming invoices from vendors.

Financial planning and analysis

We can aid your business in budgeting, forecasting, internal controls, oversight and much more.

Review of accounting policies & procedures

  • Confirm the technical accuracy of the current accounting policies Verify the correctness of current accounting policies
  • Updates accounting policies to reflect the current accounting developments Revise accounting policies to be in accordance with the existing accounting developments
  • Compare current accounting policies against others
  • Further explanation relevant to the company when appropriate

Management reporting

  • Plan and execute accounting systems and reporting structure for new businesses
  • Prepare periodic management reports and group reporting packages
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements for statutory or management reporting purpose Prepare financial statements for statutory or management reporting purposes

Consolidation reporting services

  • We can consolidate the activities of all your companies into one report. Each local Acclime office prepares the statutory accounts and the necessary management reports in the local language, following appropriate legal requirements and regulations. Management reports are then consolidated, and the entire package, consisting of local statutory accounts and internal management accounts is presented to the responsible head office.
  • All Acclime offices are electronically interconnected and use the same accounting, spreadsheet and word-processing software, enabling its systems to operate in a highly efficient manner. As a result, you receive an easy-to-read, consistent report of all activities, as well as the underlying local and international management reports, on a timely basis.
Acclime benefits

Why outsource your accounting to Acclime.

On-time and error-free

Trust our licensed accountants to manage your accounts. With our many years of experience, we assure you that we deliver work on schedule and without any mistakes.

Experienced accountants

Our skilful team has a great understanding of the local laws and regulations which will assist you through the process of setting up the appropriate accounting structure and maintenance for your business.

Regional specialists

Our footprint in Asia can help accommodate your business expansion beyond Indonesia to five other markets in Asia and counting.
Not happy with your current provider?

Move your accounting
to Acclime.

We will approach your previous provider and ensure there is a smooth changeover to Acclime. Let us take care of your accounting, contact us, and we will do the rest for you.

Common questions.

How much do accounting services cost in Indonesia?
Normally fees will follow economy of scale i.e. the higher the transaction volume, the lower the fees per transaction. This will depend on business nature of the company, size, business volumes, etc. Get a quote for your specific case.
When to consider outsourcing accounting services?
A newly established company (start-up company) with small or medium size operation either local or a Foreign Direct Investment (PT PMA) established in Indonesia. There is a regulation which is driven by tax department which states that every company which is established and conducting commercial activities in Indonesia must maintain their accounting records on the ground / in the jurisdiction of Indonesia.
Can a PMA company maintain non-Rupiah bookkeeping and use non-Indonesian language?
Yes, the company can maintain the bookkeeping as well as prepare their Annual Corporate Income Tax Returns (CITR) using USD currency. This is the only currency accepted by Indonesian Tax Office. However prior preparing the books using USD currency the company must obtain an approval from the tax authority. There are several requirements must be fulfilled by the company to get the aforementioned approval.
Is there a mandatory requirement to have audited accounts?

No, the audited financial statements are only required if the company meet one of the below requirements:

  1. The company’s business activities includes collecting and managing public funds (financial institution) i.e. bank, insurance company, mutual fund, etc.
  2. The company which issuing debt acknowledgment letter to public
  3. State Owned Company
  4. Public listed company
  5. Company with total Assets above than IDR 25 billion or approx. USD 1,750,000
  6. Company with annual gross turnover above than IDR 25 billion or approx. USD 1,750,000
  7. It is obliged pursuant to the prevailing regulation
Are there any conditions on distributing dividends from a PMA company in Indonesia?
No, PMA company can distribute dividend at any time as long as the company have positive balance retained earnings on their balance sheet.
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