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Ongoing corporate compliance services
in Indonesia.

Stay compliant with our ongoing corporate compliance services. We will always ensure that your business meets all the necessary laws and regulations as well as provide practical and viable solutions to your business problems.

Ongoing corporate compliance services in Indonesia

Run your business without distractions with a dedicated compliance service.

Guidance at every step

Trust our years of experience and let us support you and your business. From startups to larger companies, we have successfully assisted and guided a variety of business entities.

Deadline reminders

We keep schedules and monitor compliance requirements in order to notify you in time to avoid any late or missed filings and overdue fees.

Integrated compliance

Our complete suite of corporate services can relieve you from the hassles of having to deal with multiple parties to ensure corporate compliance in different areas, such as tax, accounting and more.

Corporate compliance services

Providing and acting as your company secretary.

Upon successful registration, your company has to stay compliant with local regulations and requirements. Even though a nominated company secretary is not required in Indonesia, we understand that companies want to focus on running their business without being distracted by those administrative or compliance issues, which can often be complicated in Indonesia.

Essential compliance services.

  • This includes all mandatory annual procedures. As your named company secretary, we will:

    • Submit the annual financial statement of the company to the appropriate regional tax office. The financial statement must be lodged within four months of the end of the company’s fiscal year. Included in the financial statement is the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow report, statement of changes in equity and notes to the financial statement.
    • Ensure that the AGM of the company is held within six months of the end of the financial year, as required by Indonesian law, including sending out the notice of the meeting to shareholders no later than 14 days before the meeting.
    • Prepare all the documentation arising from the meeting, including comprehensive minutes and resolutions passed at the meeting.
    • Prepare and submit of annual Manpower Report or Wajib Lapor Tenaga Kerja (WLTK)
    • Prepare and submit of annual Manpower Welfare Facility Report or Wajib Lapor Fasilitas Ketenagakerjaan (WLFK)
    • Prepare and submit of quarterly Investment Activity Report or Laporan Kegiatan Penanaman Modal Asing (LKPM) to the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board or Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (BKPM).
    • Renew annual domicile letter (SKDP) license (only applies to companies outside of Jakarta)
Single annual fee

Additional ad-hoc compliance services.

From time to time, especially when your company undergoes changes, you may also need some of our ad-hoc compliance services:

  • Amendment to the composition of the board of director and/or commissioner
    • Preparation of shareholder’s resolution
    • Liaising with notary public to set the resolution into a notarial deed
    • Submission to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights’ (MoLHR) system
    • Obtaining approval from the MoLHR
    • Appointment or resignation of company officers
  • Amendment to the composition of capital (increase/decrease)
    • Update of particulars of company officers and shareholders
    • Amendments to the company constitution
    • Share allotments, share transfers, capital reduction, subdivision or consolidation of shares
    • Assistance with due diligence on any new shareholders investing in the company
    • Changes in company name, principal activities
    • Notifying the Companies Registry of any charges over assets entered into by the company
    • Monitor filing deadlines of the statutory returns with Companies Registry
    • Preparation of shareholder’s resolution for the increase capital
    • Liaising with notary public to set the resolution into a notarial deed
    • Submission to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights’ (MoLHR) system
    • Obtaining approval from the MoLHR
Single one-off fee

Common questions.

Is it hard to manage business in Indonesia?
Indonesia’s regulations for doing business can be particularly strict and complex, especially for foreign companies. While Indonesia welcomes foreign investment, it also has some rules to make sure that incoming investments give as much value as possible for the local economy.
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