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Accounting & tax guides.

Introduction to accounting in Indonesia

This guide provides you with everything you need to know about accounting in Indonesia, and the requirements your company is expected to meet.

Introduction to taxation in Indonesia

Companies and individuals in Indonesia need to know the Indonesian tax system in order to remain compliant with their tax obligations.

Corporate income tax in Indonesia

It is important for companies to know the tax rates, when to file taxes and the available tax incentives. Our guide explains all.

Understanding financial statements in Indonesia

If you are a new investor in Indonesia, it is crucial you understand the financial statements and when to submit them.

Understanding transfer pricing in Indonesia: Rules & guidelines

A guide to what foreign investors need to understand with regard to the rules and regulations of transfer pricing in Indonesia.

Value added tax (VAT) in Indonesia

This is the most comprehensive guide to VAT in Indonesia. Companies are subjected to VAT based on the types of goods or services they provide.

Withholding tax in Indonesia

There are specific provisions regarding withholding tax in Indonesia that individuals and companies must follow in order to be compliant.

Personal income tax (PIT) in Indonesia

This guide will outline what every individual, resident and non-resident, needs to know about personal income tax in Indonesia.

An overview of the financial year-end in Indonesia

When companies are newly incorporated in Indonesia, they need to determine a financial year-end, and there are criteria to follow.