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HR guides.

How to convert contractors to employees in Indonesia

This guide covers how businesses in Indonesia can convert their contract workers to full time employees, either with or without a legal entity.

Understanding labour law & employment regulations in Indonesia

We have put together a labour guide outlining hiring (foreign) employees, contracts, leave entitlement, work hours, termination and more.

Incorporation vs Employer of Record (EoR) in Indonesia

Companies deciding to explore international expansion have two options –establishing a legal entity or employing an EoR. We compare the two.

How to terminate employees in Indonesia

This article takes you through reasons for terminating your employees in Indonesia, the process of termination and what compensation is due.

How to hire employees in Indonesia

In this article, we provide you with an overview of the requirements and obligations of an employer in Indonesia in order to remain compliant.

How much does an employee cost in Indonesia

Knowing and understanding the true cost of an employee in Indonesia will help you plan your budget and make sound financial choices.

Understanding mandatory healthcare & social security BPJS in Indonesia

This is a fundamental guide of the mandatory healthcare and social security BPJS in Indonesia for companies and employees.

Public holidays in Indonesia 2021

Acclime is happy to bring you the list of recently announced public holidays for 2021 in Indonesia.