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Investor visa KITAS
in Indonesia.

Our immigration team with years of experience will take care of you through the entire process of acquiring an investor KITAS easily and quickly without any hassle.

Document authentication in Indonesia

What is investor KITAS?

The Investor KITAS is a visa specifically designed for business investors in Indonesia, allowing them to live and manage their business in Indonesia.

Difference between investor KITAS and regular KITAS

The main difference between Investor KITAS and regular KITAS is that the investor does not need to apply for a work permit (as they are not considered as an employee) and thus has no requirement of monthly contributions in the DKP-TKA (Development Funds in Exchange of hiring a foreign worker).

Types of investor KITAS

In Indonesia, investor KITAS can be categorised into two:
  • Index 313: one-year KITAS
  • Index 314: two-year KITAS
Eligibility criteria

Who is eligible for an investor visa.

To be eligible for the Investor KITAS, you are required to make a minimum investment of IDR 1,25 billion in company shares. Furthermore, for the investor who also holds the position of director in a company, they are only required to make a minimum of investment of IDR1billion.

If the company is newly established, it will be able to sponsor your Investment KITAS upon receiving the business registration number (Nomor Induk Berusaha – NIB) and business licenses (Izin Usaha). For businesses that are already up and running, you need to apply for all necessary licenses through the Online Single Submission (OSS).

  • Human resource
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Legal
  • Supply chain management
  • Health, safety, and environment affairs

Taking care of the whole application process from start to finish.

Pre-application advice

Advice on acquiring an investor KITAS in Indonesia and requirements for a successful application.

Application tracking

Filing and tracking the status of applications.

Document issuance

Arranging for issuance of your investor KITAS upon in-principle approval.

Visa renewals

Handling renewal of your investor KITAS before it expires.
Application process and timeline

How to apply for investor KITAS.

Acclime will help you navigate the application process by:

  • Preparing all required documents which include a signed application letter and the company registration documents
  • Guiding you through the VITAS application (also known as a TELEX) abroad, which is issued by the Directorate General in Indonesia, and sent to an Indonesian Embassy abroad
  • The VITAS is issued within 60 days of the application
  • You will then get a visa sticker and are required to enter Indonesia within 90 days
  • Upon your arrival in Indonesia, our team will assist you to convert the VITAS into an investor KITAS. The process of investor KITAS conversion takes approximately two weeks (14 working days) since the day of arrival in Indonesia.

Are you allowed to work with an investment KITAS?

A director of a company who is the holder of an Investor KITAS can work as long as the following criteria are satisfied:

  • All tasks handled by the Director must be in accordance with the scope of the company’s business activities, and the Director’s duties shall exclude work activities that involve him in practical day-to-day work
  • The company provides equal opportunities to all Indonesians to work
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