Handbill No. 7 Year 2020.

The Indonesian Minister of Industry has circulated a Handbill No. 7 Year 2020 on Guidelines for the Submission of Applications for Industrial Activity Licenses (“Handbill 7/2020”) amidst the COVID-19 health emergency. The Handbill 7/2020 allows the continuity of companies in the industrial sector to maintain their business operations as usual by way of securing operation and mobility permit. The scope of the permit will include factory operational activities, administration office and mobility activities related to raw material, auxiliary material, finished goods and workers.

A company which has secured the license is obliged to fulfil the provisions of the previous Handbill No. 4 Year 2020. The provisions comprise of i) conducting initial body temperature checks and detections of all workers with respiratory symptoms, including coughs/flu/shortness of breath, ii) monitoring symptoms when entering the factory area and changing shifts, iii) ensuring good air circulation and proper cleaning facilities (e.g. ensure the availability of soap and running water or alcohol-based hand wash).

The company is required to provide an adequate hand washing facility before entering the factory/building. And lastly, to increase the frequency of the cleaning of production facilities and public areas regularly with disinfectant fluids while setting restrictions on the number of workers at one time when using public facilities such as places of worship or canteens.

Once issued, the permit in the form of a certificate will remain valid throughout the COVID-19 public health emergency period. Every permit will feature a QR Code that can be scanned in order to authenticate the permit’s validity. It should be noted that the Ministry of Industry may revoke an issued certificate if any discrepancies are discovered between the relevant submitted data and actual conditions.

The following are the five easy steps to secure the permit via the official Ministry of Industry web portal – siinas.kemenperin.go.id.

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