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Tax compliance services
in Indonesia.

Fulfil all your tax obligations with our services. We have years of experience working with the Directorate General of Taxes and will deliver your tax filings punctually, report correctly on your assessable income and reduce tax liability.

Company registration in Indonesia

Stay on top of your tax compliance.

On-time filings & returns

We will help you avoid any penalties or late payments by filing your taxes correctly and on time.

Always up-to-date

Our professional tax teams are up to date with any changes in local or regional tax regulations.

Strategic tax advisory

We offer strategic guidance about tax-related topics, including decreasing the risk of double taxation, optimising your tax spending and tax incentive systems.
Corporate & personal annual tax compliance

Our tax compliance services.

Corporate tax compliance.

  • Registration of tax licenses

    We will assist in obtaining:

    • Tax identification number (NPWP)
    • Value-added tax (VAT) registration
    • Electronic filing identification number (eFin)


  • Monthly tax compliance services

    We will assist in handling your monthly tax payment and reporting, which includes:

    • Withholding tax (WHT)
    • Value-added tax (VAT)


  • Annual corporate income tax return

    We will assist in preparing your annual corporate income tax return (CITR), and make sure that all fiscal adjustments are done correctly and help you to submit the CITR to the tax office in a timely manner.


  • Changes in taxpayer details

    • Changes in taxpayer information, such as business address, name, change of BoD, etc.
    • Changes in financial year-end
    • Changes in functional currency from IDR to USD or vice versa


  • VAT centralisation

    We will assist in centralising your VAT obligation. By doing this, your headquarters and branch offices will be able to perform its VAT obligation under one report/submission.


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Personal tax compliance.

  • Personal income tax matters

    We will assist in handling your tax matters, such as:

    • Preparing and submitting your annual individual tax return
    • Revoking your Tax ID which including a limited scope tax audit process (ad-hoc)
    • Other ad-hoc services


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Common questions.

What taxes are applicable in Indonesia?

Central government taxes

  • Income taxes, in the form of withholding taxes and annual income tax on self-assessment basis; and
  • VAT and sales tax on luxurious goods;

Regional Government Taxes

  • Land and building tax (Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan)
  • Vehicle tax
  • Hotel tax
  • Restaurant tax
What is the corporate tax rate in Indonesia?
In general, 22% for 2020 and 2021, and 20% starting from 2022. Certain taxpayer may be entitled for reduction of the tax rate and certain business activities may subject to final income tax with specific tax rates.
What is the withholding tax rate in Indonesia?
WHT rate will vary from 0.5% to 20% depending on the nature of transaction and applicable income tax article on such transaction.
Is offshore income exempted in Indonesia?
This depends on the type of income and provisions on the applicable tax treaty between Indonesia and the counter party’s jurisdiction. In general, business profit income shall not be taxed in Indonesia as long as the overseas party does not have a Permanent Establishment in Indonesia.
What is the VAT rate in Indonesia?
The VAT rate is 10%. For export, it can be 0%.
Does Indonesia have a VAT refund?
Yes, Indonesia has a VAT refund mechanism.
What are the import taxes and duties involved when conducting import activities?
Taxes and duties involve on importation are Art. 22 income tax, VAT and sales tax on luxurious goods and import duty.
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